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PostNuke – The End

PostNuke was one of the first open source content management systems out there dating back to 2001. Based on PHPNuke it offered a framework for publishing content and user management.

Over the years it did improve and provided inspiration for the next generation of open source CMSs and blogging platforms. However, at the end of the day it just got a little long in the tooth and the legacy code and support became too much of a burden to compete with newer software.

So when I last checked to see how the development of PostNuke 0.8 was coming along I was completely surprised to find this message:

The End


1 thought on “PostNuke – The End”

  1. PostNuke is dead, Zikula is the successor as mentioned in the article you linked to.

    Zikula 1.0 is what was PostNuke 0.8 was before – and much more. We decided to do a complete rebranding of the software as the new Zikula code doesn’t have much from PostNuke in it at all. Comparing PN and Zikula is like comparing a vintage Volkswagen Beetle with a Mercedes M class car :-).

    Having said this the support for PN has come to its natural end in 2008. All users did have enough time to upgrade their sites to Zikula.

    Feel free to contact me by email if you need more information.

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