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Apr 2013
I’ve been using Zurb Foundation for a few weeks now and am pretty much sold on it. I love having all that robust functionality at my fingertips and the ease with which I can create a...

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Jan 2013
I recently built a mobile friendly website using a responsive CSS framework. This worked great and it all fluidly slid into place on various devices. However, in order to reduce the load time on the mobile...

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Dec 2012
The PHP framework Codeigniter has out of the box form validation which is pretty easy to implement. It requires code in 2 places; 1.) the form HTML in the view and 2.) the controller....

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Jan 2010
Quick and easy code to convert the character set of a MySQL table to UTF-8. Of course this works for all character sets not just UTF ALTER TABLE tbl_name CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8...

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