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SEO CornwallFor the last 12 years I made my income has depended on the search engine rankings of a range of websites, mostly travel and tourism related and mostly about Cornwall. This has given me an excellent insight into the specific requirements of SEO in Cornwall.

Initially competition was fairly limited and just making sure your keywords were repeated enough times was sufficient to rank in the likes of Google and Yahoo! However, things have changed both for the better and worse. It is now somewhat harder to ‘coerce’ the search engines into positioning your site near the top and whilst this shouldn’t be a problem if you have great content there are a multitude of pitfalls out there for the unwary.

Basic SEO should be affordable. Given a website has not been optimised by a SEO practitioner already there should be plenty of ‘low hanging fruit’ in terms of quick fixes and boosts to your ranking. The challenge is taking a well optimised site in a competitive arena and increasing traffic / achieving goals. One way this can be done that is not entirely intuitive is by careful keyword research and focusing on slightly less competitive phrases. It is a fact that 70% of internet searches are carried out on longer / non-premium keywords.

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